About Us

Wonderfully Created1 is a Christian lifestyle brand that aims to inspire and embolden you to live in God’s love. We do this by providing incredibly cute and fashionable apparel and accessories.  

Our brand values are: 

God • Others • Ourselves 

God and His Word are our foundation. We believe the Bible speaks the truth to who God is and His extraordinary love. We believe in truly loving our neighbors. As a part of our mission, each month we donate 10% to a local charity. Lastly, we value ourselves. God’s word speaks so much truth and life about who we were created to be and about this amazing temple we have the privilege of living in. Each of these values shape how we conduct every aspect of our business.  

We believe that we are wonderfully created in the image of God. In the image of the great I AM. You are a unique reflection of the Creator. There is no one else that will ever be just like you. You are needed to display God’s creation like only you can. We believe in the “iAm” within you.  

Our products boldly display a unique reflection of God’s word. Each piece speaks life and truth to the person wearing it and to all who see it 

We pray that you not only enjoy our products but they minister to you at the right time.   

Remember you are wonderfully created and you are loved.  


Patrice Riley  

Chief Hugging Officer |Founder