The words “I am” are the most powerful words we can speak boldly out loud or whisper quietly to ourselves. This phrase shapes us in ways most have yet to fully understand. The great book tells us that “life and death are in the power of the tongue”.. Our words have power. Our thoughts have power. We have power.

The words and thoughts we have toward ourselves matter more than anything in this world. Most of us understand this on a surface level, yet we have not grasp the full reality of it. We speak words and think thoughts such as: “I am so dumb”, “I am not pretty” “I am not happy” “I am boring” “I am not worthy” “I am a train wreck” “I am basic” “I am not special” …these negative phrases can come to our minds so easily and quickly and many of us speak them out loud. We are speaking negative over ourselves. Why? We often wonder why we didn’t get the job. Or why we can’t make friends easily. Or why we have bad luck. It’s because we are speaking death and negativity into our lives. We are creating the negative outcome.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you” -African Proverb

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a japanese researcher who studied the power of our words, thoughts, music, and prayer on water. Through his studies we are able to see clearly how these things can shape our reality. Dr. Emoto demonstrated that through speaking positive words beautiful ice crystals would form and the opposite with negative words.

See below:

If this is what happens to water, imagine what is happening to us?!..btw humans are about 60% water!

Our words are powerful.

Read Genesis chapter 1. You will find that “God said” and “God called” throughout the creation process. God created us in His image. We are a reflection of Him. He gave us the same power He has. He created the world by His words. We posses that same power. Our world is shaped by our thoughts and words. When we speak and think the words “I AM”, what follows should be positive. We must take responsibility for our life. We must begin to walk in our our power. Pay attention to the words you speak. Pay attention to the thoughts you speak over yourself.


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