The fruit of the Spirit has been a big deal to me for quite some time now. So much so I am contemplating getting the fruits tattooed on my arm. Yup! It’s a big deal to me. 

I remember about a year or so ago reading about the fruits in Galatians and the last part stuck out to me… “against such there is no law” (Gal 5:23). Wait what?! Whatcha mean Lord? No law? I’m in!!!

Listen friends, I'm not a big fan of rules in the first place, so when I read that part I immediately thought “Yes! No more rules!” 

Ha! That’s not quite it though.  I began to examine and pray about the fruits. What I discover is that when operating in the fruits of the Spirit it is hard to disobey God and operate in the flesh. Think about it, how can you curse someone out for cutting you off in traffic if you are being patient and kind? How can you gossip and stir up strife if you are operating in peace and love? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

I believe that these fruits or virtues are given through the Holy Spirit and are evident of God in our lives. The character of God can be fully displayed in our lives when we operate with all 9 characteristics. And isn’t that what the world needs right now! Imagine a believer who is patient, who is kind, gentle, and has self control. What a concept!!

Unfortunately this type of believer is not the norm. Many believers operate from the flesh, allowing feelings to dictate their goodness, self- control, and joy. 

The Holy Spirit was sent to help us walk in God’s power and character. Yet so many of us don’t receive that help, either from pride or lack of knowledge. 

I want to encourage you to study the fruits of the Spirit. Examine what each fruit looks like in your life. 

I pray that you journey with me living a fruitful life! 


Abba, I repent for not accepting the full gift of the Holy Spirit. Let your Spirit have its way in my life. May the fruits of Your Spirit be evident in my everyday life. Allow Your virtues to prevail over my feelings, fears, and doubts. Show me any area that I am lacking. Strengthen me Lord with Your power. In Jesus Name, Amen. 

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