In Matthew (16:15) Jesus asks His disciples “But what about you?” He asked “Who do you say I am?”

What a powerful question to be asked by our God. I believe this text has so many nuggets to chew on. So many directions we can take this text. But today I want to point out that I believe it’s important to identify our God.

Who is Jesus to you?

Don’t just quickly gloss over the question. Selah. Maybe take some time to journal out that question. It is important that we have the right view of our Lord. He wants to know who do you say I am.

Another point we can chew on today is our own identity. Who do you say I AM? What comes after your own I am? Does your identity line up with God’s word? Do you speak the truth about who you are?

Jesus knew who He was. He didn’t ask His disciples that question so they could help give Him His identity. He was helping them come into the realization of who He was.

Who do you say you are? What comes after the statement I am for you?

Take the time to journal this out today. And post some of the statements or affirmations that speak to you the most around the house. In this season it is important for us to identify who God is to us and who we are.

In His love,



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