Hey friend,

Have you ever sat back and thought “Wow self that’s pretty cool”? ..

I sure hope so.

What’s your favorite thing about you? What is your “cool” thing? What talent, gift, or trait do you possess that you really like?

If someone were to ask me this question about 10 years ago I would struggle and stumble to answer. I would have to think about it. Then I would filter my answer, so I can give an answer that would seem appropriate for whoever was asking. But not now…

As I have grown with God I know that my talent, gifts, and traits are all designed to give Him glory. They are a part of what makes me unique. My uniqueness reflects a beautiful side of God that others would not see if I’m not being me!

I appreciate what God has created. So now when someone asks what do I like about myself I can immediately answer with at least 5-7 things. If I had time I could create an even longer list. Now some may see this as prideful but I don’t. If you don’t recognize, appreciate, and grow the gifts, talents, and unique traits you possess, who will?

I believe that some of us are so afraid of being prideful that we downplay ourselves. Then in turn, look for validation and affirmation from others.

You are a unique reflection of God. You have specific giftings needed for the mission God has called you to. Playing small and/or not acknowledging the tools you possess does not benefit God or those you are called to serve.

I challenge you to make a list of 5-10 things you like, love, or just think are really cool about yourself. And I double dog dare you to put those things on a mirror where you can see them daily.

The world needs you. The confident God ordained you!

In His Love,


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