What is your flavor of weirdness?

What is your flavor of weirdness?

Hey friends,

What is your flavor of weirdness?

We all have a flavor of weirdness. Some have very strong in your face flavors and others have subtle flavors, but it is there. Most of us spend half of our lives trying to change, hide or completely ignore our flavor of weirdness.

But I’m here to tell you let your weird flag fly!

What’s my flavor you may ask? Oh my friend so many, but to get a few giggles here are a couple:

  • I love to talk about poop. From the shape of it, to the smell of it, to the frequency. I can talk about poop with anyone that wants to!
  • If a person has sandals on, I’m immediately looking at their feet. Specifically the toes. It's so funny the different types of toes humans have.
  • I can wiggle my ears
  • I laugh A LOT. I can make myself laugh at any moment. If you see me smiling hard or laughing, most likely I caused it.
  • I have named the different sides of my personality in my head. And I refer to them by name when they show out.

Ok...that's enough about my weird things. You get it. Now do I need to flaunt all of these different flavors to the world? No way!! But do I need to recognize and appreciate them for myself? Yes way!!

I believe being aware of your own weirdness can help humble you. More importantly it can help you be less judgmental when others are showing their flavor of weirdness. It can bring a little bit more compassion to humanity.

I want to encourage you today to take inventory of your weird flavors. Write them down and show them some appreciation. It’s our uniqueness that makes us who we are. Embrace all of you!!

In His love,


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