Jesus did it. Be like Jesus!

Jesus did it. Be like Jesus!

What are your daily habits? What is your daily routine?

Do you have a specific daily routine? I believe Jesus did.

The Bible mentions in Luke 22:39 that it was His routine to go out and pray. I like to think that His walk to that solitary place was His workout! So He woke up early to workout and pray!! (You see what I did here)

I love it!

Over the last couple years God has been calling me to be a better steward over my time. I’m going to be honest here and tell you that this is still a struggle! But I am getting better.

One thing that has helped me is managing my mornings. For most days my daily routine is WAKE- PRAY- WORKOUT. Now each day is different, some days I pray for 2 minutes other days I pray for 30 minutes. Some days the prayers include a devotional or bible study and other days prayer consist of me crying out, and other days just sitting in His presence. Although prayer time looks different day to day, I always greet Him first thing in the morning.

Now just like my prayer, my workouts look different. Some days I workout at a gym, other days it's at home, or it simply may be a day of yoga or full body stretching. But purposeful movement happens!

"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine."
-Mike Murdock


I challenge you to sit in prayer/meditation/ journal time and ponder these questions….

Do your daily routines serve you well?

Do you need to adjust your daily routine?

How can you be a better steward over the time God has given you?

These questions led me to design your new favorite shirt!!



Yes!! WAKE PRAY WORKOUT! ..Jesus did like Jesus ;-) lol...


I pray this message blessed you! If it does, share it!!!

In His Love,


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