I'm not like her.....

I'm not like her.....

“I’m not that creative” … I used to say that and fully believe that about myself for most of my life. I thought creativity was having a talent in drawing, painting, lettering, or even fashion. None of which I was particularly talented so I just assumed I wasn’t creative.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that God slowly revealed to me my creative side. My creativity looks different from what I thought it was. I had created a definition in my mind and placed that limiting belief on myself. But God showed me my humor is creative, my way with words can be creative, the way I interact with people is creative, my art is creative and several other things. I AM CREATIVE!

But duh right? I am created in the likeness of the ultimate Creator so it makes sense!

Oftentimes what makes sense in the Kingdom doesn’t make sense in the world and we so often choose the world's standard. We allow these limiting beliefs in and they hold us back from being freely us!

If we judge a monkey on how well it swims and the fish on how well it climbs a tree we do those animals a disservice. It is the same with us! Our unique creative and talents look different from others. Yet different doesn’t mean wrong. We should celebrate our uniqueness. In doing so we celebrate and glorify God. We have an opportunity to display God to the world in a way only we can and when we try to hide or conform we do each other and God a disservice.

What tree climbing skill have you been comparing to swimming?

If you are unsure. Ask God to show you your unique creativity. Ask God what talent you have dismissed. Then begin to celebrate them.

Remember friend, you are wonderfully created in the image of God!!

In His Love



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Side Note: I just found out there are several species of monkeys that are actually good swimmers and some can hold their breath longer then humans! Ha! Who knew...?!
God that's who!! But you still get the point about comparison!
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