The other day I read through the book of Galatians (10/10 would recommend) and one part really stood out to me. It was when Paul checked Peter (see Gal 2: 11-21). Paul checked peter on Peter's behavior towards the Gentiles. Now I'm not sure if you're familiar with Peter but this is the same "walk on water Peter", the "Mr. cut an ear off for Jesus Peter", Jesus "top 3 Peter".. Yup that Peter!

At first I giggled because Paul was pretty bold to write about that. But I guess that just how Paul rolled. My second thought was "wow Peter still needed to be corrected when handling people". Peter was not above making mistakes and surely not above correction. Peter was not perfect. Peter, Mr. "Walk with Jesus" was not perfect!

What a sigh of relief!

But I wonder why do I feel I need to be perfect? Why do I feel that I shouldn't make any mistakes, especially when handling other humans? Where does this unrealistic standard come from? A standard that has whispered because I am a believer my conduct must be perfect. A standard that has tried to condemn me for making mistakes. A standard that had me afraid to mess up....A standard that is just NOT Biblical!

If Mr. "Walk On Water" Peter was still making mistakes and needed to be corrected then best believe I will too! Peter demonstrated that you literally be in Jesus's top 3 and still mess up. lol..

Give yourself some wiggle room.

If you struggle like I do from time to time when you mess up, or when you yell at a friend, or when you miss an important date, or when you misjudge someone, or when it takes a little longer to forgive someone. Remember perfection is not what is required.

Give yourself some wiggle room. Or as my sweet friend likes to say "Give yourself some grace". If you don't, I may have to withstand you to your virtual face!

Be encouraged Child of God! You are doing great!

In His Love,


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