Find Joy in Doing Hard Things

Find Joy in Doing Hard Things

"Everything comes at a cost. Just what are you willing to pay for it?"

-Serena Williams

As I type this, my legs are sore. Like really sore, so sore that I have yet to go up the stairs in my own house. Gratefully my bedroom is on the first floor. Did I mention my legs are sore...because they are. Yet my soul and spirit are bursting with joy and pride. This past weekend I accomplish something I have been training months for and a goal I've wanted to reach for years. I. Ran. 30 Miles!!! Yes I completed an ultra marathon and I am so elated. But. It. Was. HARD! The training was hard. The weather sometimes was hard. The early morning runs were hard. The eating properly was hard. But all of the hard, has brought me great joy. When I crossed the finish line I started crying. I was overwhelmed with joy, pride, and a little exhaustion. I did it! I did what I set out to do. I accomplished something difficult and it filled me with so much joy its hard to explain. 


(no I didn't run in flip flops. Immediately after the race I took off my shoes and socks because shoes and socks are not cool after running

Now running that type of distance may not be on your goals list. But what is? What have you challenged yourself to lately? What hard goals have you set? I believe that everyone should feel the joy of accomplishing something big in their lifetime. Something that is difficult and requires hard work. 

"Good things don't come easy"

I agree with that quote, most of the time. But cupcakes and sunsets do come pretty easy and they are good! But you get what I am saying. The most proud and joyful moments in our lives usually are because of a difficult road. 

Your "hard" goals don't have to be physical goals (although I strongly recommend you test your amazing human body out to see what it can really do). It can be going back to school at age 50. It can be reconciling a relationship. It can be starting your own business. It can completing that book that everyone is dying to read. Whatever your "hard" is do it! 

While I was running there were moments when I felt as if I couldn't continue or more accurately I felt like running was the dumbest thing in the world and should subject myself to this type of torture. Seriously. But I continued. I prayed and asked for help during particular difficult moments in the race and I just kept running. Just kept running running. 


When you feel like quitting, slow down, pray and regroup, then get back going. On the other side of that hard difficult task is a beautiful joy that no one will be able to take away! 

Go ahead and do the hard things!

Wonderfully Created1,



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