Do you know what today is?, it’s not my Today (7/29/21) is National Lipstick, Chicken Wing, Lasagna, and Chili Dog Day!! Weird huh?

Typically on any given day I will know what weird holiday it is. I love that there is something to celebrate literally EVERYDAY! But more importantly I LOVE that it puts a smile on someone’s face when I tell them what holiday it is. I tell people at gas stations, grocery stores, and my gym. I love it. I love making people smile.

 A part of my personal ministry is joy! Bringing joy and positive energy is what I do. It’s a part of who I am. Now does that mean I’m all rainbows and unicorns everyday to everyone...NOPE! I have my moments, but my recovery back to joy is pretty quick. I believe God designed me like this. I write this not for you to compare yourself to me, but for you to check in with yourself. 

What are some things you know for sure are a part of God’s design of you? 

It’s taken me years of accepting this part of me (a long story for another time). I thought I was weird for wanting to have joy all the time. But now that I am beginning to walk in the fullness of who God created, I recognize, appreciate, and nourish this part of me! Knowing what holiday it is, smiling at a stranger, complimenting the cashier, or high fiving members at a gym brings me and others joy. So I do it! And as I am spreading joy I am also sharing a part of God with the world.

I believe that we are all a unique reflection of God. There are those quirky things placed in us that help others see a different side of God. You have unique traits that the world needs. 

Take time to sit with God and ask Him are there any areas that you have tried to hide that He would like to bring out. What “weird’ things do you like that you have tried to hide?

You my friend are wonderfully created in the image of God. Let your uniqueness shine bright. And while you’re at it put on some lipstick while you eat chicken wings, lasagna, and a chili dog! 

In His Love,


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Girl, I love you 💕. You are so free! I always love your God-given inspiration.

Melissa Brantley

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