Can you agree with God?

Can you agree with God?

Hey friends! Can you do me a favor and start agreeing with what God says about you?! MmmKkay!

Lissennnnn, I hear way too often what we are not and not enough talk about what we are. We need to change our verbiage. If we believe that life and death are in the power of the tongue then we have to start acting like it. The Bible has so many affirming, life giving words to say about you! I dare you to start speaking them out loud. I triple-dog dare you to speak them in the mirror.

God says that we are called, beloved, strong, never alone, forgiven, favored, the apple of His eye, filled with purpose, light, salt, accepted, His child, loved, and wonderfully and fearfully made. Grab hold of one or all of these truths and speak them over yourself.

Your words have power!

In His love,


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