• WHATEVER!! Top 8 Things to Think About

    ..."This TOP 8 has been my guiding light. Whenever I feel my mind spiraling I grab ahold to one of the eight. Some days it's something LOVELY that I noticed or witnessed. Other days it's something ADMIRABLE or PRAISEWORTHY, like when a friend accomplishes a big task or goal. And some days it's something that is TRUE, like the fact I'm accepted and loved by God. These TOP 8 have helped me gain control over my thoughts, emotions, and relationships."
  • I belong HERE so do you

    The kingdom of God is a diverse kingdom. There is a place for all of us. We are accepted in the beloved. It is our differences that make us unique. It is our history, our stories that bring life color. It is our individuality that brings God glory.
  • Find Joy in Doing Hard Things

    What have you challenged yourself to lately? What hard goals have you set? I believe that everyone should feel the joy of accomplishing something big in their lifetime. Something that is difficult and requires hard work.
  • Joyful June

    This month I want to challenge you to live in joy. Find that joy you once had or even better, find a newfound joy. Search for joy, pursue joy, and schedule what I like to call "Joy Jump-starters"....Here's a list of some of my favorites.........
  • Why Wonderfully Created1 Apparel?

    I believe it is important to know who we are. To know who we have been created to be. I also believe it is important to constantly affirm that knowledge. We are bombarded with ideas, images, and words that often go against the truth of who we really are. 
  • Be Courageous

    I am learning that not only does success require courage, but so does growth. In order to grow I have to step outside my comfort zone. I have to have courage