Wonderfully Created1 Vision:
 To inspire humans to live in the knowledge of who they are while living a wonderful  life of wellness. 
 Wonderfully Created1 Mission:
 To provide content that inspires, informs, and ignites humans to embrace their unique image and create their own well life. 

The idea behind “Wonderfully Created1” was birth from two scriptures. The first is Genesis 1:27 “God created man in His own image…” We all are created in God’s image. Selah (pause and calmly think about that). You are the image of GOD! The other scripture is Psalms 139:14 “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Selah. We, no matter what we look like are wonderfully made! Everything about who we are designed to be is wonderfully created in His image. Selah.

Wonderfully Created1 is lifestyle movement. It is a movement to self-acceptance, discovery, and love. The Bible speaks so much truth about who we are created to be and yet we’ve allowed the world to delude those truths.

Wonderfully Created1 is believing in who you were created/designed/made to be. It is believing in the great “I Am”. And also believing in the iAm within you! God has given us the gift of creation. We have the ability to create the life, the body, the mindset, and the love we so desire.

This website was created for you! It is a spot where you will be inspired, informed, and ignited to create a wonderful life of wellness. Wellness encompasses your total being; your mind, body, and spirit. When the tri-part being is whole we have good health. On this blog you will find post that talk about nutrition, fitness, mental and emotional well-being, and Biblical truth. The world becomes a better place when there are healthy humans occupying it.

Join the Wonderfully Created1 lifestyle movement!!

About the Creator:

Hi! My name is Patrice S. Riley and I was born and raised in Stockton, Ca. At the age of 18 I enlisted in the United States Army. I served my country for 6 and half years. The years spent in the military had such an impact on the woman I am today. I was blessed to meet my husband and two of my closest dearest friends while serving. For that I am forever grateful! After leaving the military motherhood called and I birth two amazing children. My family is settled in Alabama in a small town right outside of a military base.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. As a young child you could find me chasing after my cousins and in high school I played basketball for two years (I enjoyed it but I wasn’t very good..lol). Joining the military took my fitness to another level. I was able to experience a tip of what my body was capable of. After the military I took the customary exercise hiatus. But I couldn’t stay away for long. Fitness just continued to call me. I got a job working at a local running store and my eyes were open to yet again another level of fitness. A good friend of mine introduced me to distance running and I fell in love…well kind of and not at first. I have “officially” run a 6 hour race, 1 marathon, 4 half marathons, 2 15k’s, and several 10k and 5k. Over the last year I have taken to adding heavy weights into my routine and have loved those results. I am currently studying to become a personal and group fitness trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.

My Spiritual awaking happened in 2006 during a very dark period in my life. I was involved in an incident that that left me afraid, confused, and hurt. The incident caused me to seek more. I became a follower of Christ on the floor of my bedroom and my life has never been the same! The years that followed I threw myself into the Bible. There was so much wisdom, kindness, and love (oh so much love) in there I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t get enough of the God of the Bible. My spiritual walk today has changed, some for the good because I have learned more and some for the bad because my passion has slowed. Writing and encouraging others has reignited my first love and I’m grateful! My hope is that those that read my words, thoughts, posts will be inspired to reunite with their love.

“….because God is love.” 1 John 4:8

Wonderfully Created1,