We have now entered into June! Hallelujah! I just love the summer. I am a hot weather and sunshine kind of girl. For some June starts the summer break, for others it starts absolutely nothing. No matter what June marks for you I challenge you to find joy. No scratch that I want you to pursue joy!

There were times when I sat and hope for and waited for something happy, or fun, or joyful to happen to me. And when it didn’t I was slightly disappointed and allowed a little doubt and fear creep in. Fear that I would forever live a boring life, a joyless life. And doubted that the joy promised in the Bible wasn’t for me. But that was all a lie. God revealed that I have joy. A forever joy that resides in me.

The Bible speaks often about joy. Having an unspeakable joy (1 Peter 1:8), having joy fulfilled (John 15:11), and having the joy of God be your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Joy is a gift God wants us to have, and has freely given it to us. We all have it. However we can allow life and circumstances to overshadow or suppress our joy. The Lord wants to remind you that you can have joy always.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalms 94:19        


This month I want to challenge you to live in joy. Find that joy you once had or even better, find a newfound joy. Search for joy, pursue joy, and schedule what I like to call “Joy Jump-starters”….Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

Joy Jump-starters:

  • Go on a date with yourself
  • Buy an adult coloring book
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the park and have a picnic
  • Volunteer at a nursing home
  • Watch the sunset
  • Read a new book
  • Hug everyone you talk to (my favorite)
  • Organize your closet
  • Donate food and clothing to the needy
  • Jump rope
  • Take a friend to lunch
  • Spend time with God…on purpose (my favorite)
  • Start a new exercise program (hello trampoline aerobics)
  • Paint

Hopefully something on this list made you smile and a happy thought crossed your mind. I challenge you to do whatever activity sparked you interest.  A lot of the things listed have no or little cost. So go for it! Heck check off everything on the list if you wish. I believe when we get started in that right direction God will meet us.

“Father, open the readers eyes to see the joy you have placed inside of them. Remind them that joy is one of the fruits of Your Spirit and we possess. May the reader laugh and giggle more then they ever have this month. Let Your joy be their strength. In Jesus name, Amen.”

What are some of your “joy jump-starters”? Comment or email me some inspiration for joy.

Wonderfully Created1,


Written by WonderfullyCreated

My name is Patrice, I'm a wife, mother of 2, runner, wellness enthusiast, hug dealer, & lover of Jesus!! I want to make a difference in the world through health and fitness. I've created this page to help make that difference I believe we have the ability to live a life full of abundance, wholeness, and health. God has given us these temples, now let take care of them because we are wonderfully created!!


  1. Hey, I love your post about Joy. So many people misconstrue what actual Joy is, and I am thankful that you wrote on it. It was a spiritual injury for me at one point. I am glad that the Holy Spirit has actively shown me what Joy is and even on those days that are trying, I can find it and look at the brighter side of any situation. A few favorites of mine, ii giving, working with my hands and going on Me dates. I live for a Me date, or people watching. People watching, teaches us to read others modes and body language, making us Emotional Intelligent (EI). EI is helpful in so many areas of our lives, especially in the Church. I immensely enjoyed reading your post. I look forward to reading and hearing more from you!

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