April is here! Already?! Yup it’s here! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and spring has finally decided to show up for us down here in the south. And I am here for it!! Yass!!

I looked up the word April in my study time and found that it is derived from the Latin word aperire which means “to open”, referring to the opening of flowers. That meaning seems so perfect for right now.

To be open, to be exposed, to be free. You can take that in so many directions. I feel that right now is the absolute divine time to be open. Not only in the natural, as we can see in the flowers, but also in our soul and spirit. We can open ourselves up to new opportunities, new experiences, new relationships, even new exercise regimens. This month I challenge you to open yourself up to something new. Try a new:

  • Fitness routine
  • Meditation practice
  • Book in the Bible
  • Location

I have decided to start a more consistent meditation practice. I am committing to 10 minutes daily. I believe this commitment will help open my mind to a whole new side of me!

What will you start this month?

Open your soul and spirit to receive something new, something fresh. This season of opening is very personal, but we know that one of the best ways to help ourself is to help others. Visit your local homeless shelter, retirement home, or school to volunteer your time. Expose others to something new.

Most important open yourself to receive more of God. Get alone with Him and be still. Let Him pour into you like never before.

I pray that this month you’re exposed to new opportunities, new experiences, and a new side of our loving Father. Let love pour in and out of you like never before.

Happy April!

Wonderfully Created1,


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