Can I be honest?…I’ve been living in fear. Yup. FEAR!  Fear has directed some of my decisions and even fueled my procrastination. Fear has played a bigger part in my life then I realized. It wasn’t until I begin to ask God what word should I focus on for 2018 that I realized my relationship with fear. Three words have stuck out to me for 2018; Courage, Hustle, and Focus. I understood hustle and even focus. But courage….that was interesting. I looked up the definition.


What was I frighten of?…turns out I’ve been afraid of failure. What if I really put myself into creating a brand that I absolutely love and it fails? What if no one sees my vision? What if I am laughed at? What if I go broke trying this new venture? What if my designs don’t sell? What if? What IF?

The fear of failing has kept me from doing a lot of things. But no more! I believe God is calling me…more like commanding me to be courageous! He led me to read the first chapter in Joshua. In this chapter Joshua had just lost his mentor, his leader, his guidance, Moses. I’m sure he felt a bit lost and obviously afraid. Yet God commands him three times to be courageous.

God let’s Joshua know that “..I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5

God had an assignment for Joshua to fulfill. He tells him to follow His commandments and meditate on His word and he will be successful (v 8). I was encouraged when I read this chapter. Like a good Father, God acknowledges my feelings and comforts me. He let’s me know that He is with me. He also reminds me that I have an assignment to fulfill.

I have listen to and read many different testimonies of successful people. And one of the most common thing they mentioned was having courage to step outside of the box. No one becomes successful “going with the flow” or “taking the easy route” .

Success requires courage.

I am learning that not only does success require courage, but so does growth. In order to grow I have to step outside my comfort zone. I have to have courage. I want to encourage you to examine any area of your life that fear may have crept in. Be encourage that God is with you wherever you go. Be strong and of good courage.



Wonderfully Created1,



  1. Girl this post spoke directly to me. I too had been operating from fear. I wouldn’t step and do things I knew I should have done because I was fearful. No more, I’m being courageous now, knowing God is with me and has been with me every step of the way. Thank you so much for posting this today because it let’s me know I wasn’t alone and that we have purpose to fulfill and we have to and must do what God has called us to do even when it doesn’t make sense. His plans are perfect.

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  2. I loved the word of inspiration for the week. Very inspiring and I know the feeling all to well because it is a place I battle with constantly. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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  3. Thank you for your obedience in writing this! I just admitted my fear yesterday and I stumble across this blog that a friend shared on facebook. God is so awesome. Thank you so much! Blessings and miracles sis.

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