I really like this quote by Henry Ford:

Henry Ford’s vision to have all eight cylinders cast in one block (I have no idea what that is, but it sounds cool) was unheard of. This had never been done before and his engineers were not sure it could be done. But Ford was persistent! He had faith it could be done and continuously pushed everyone. No one saw what he saw and doubted him. Nevertheless they followed his orders and a year later produced Fords vision.

We must have confidence in our own vision. When we go around asking other people opinions about what we should do with our vision or asking advice on how we should do it, we run the risk of missing our end goal. Your vision is for you! Yes God will place other people in your life to assist you in making that vision become a reality, but the vision is yours. It is your baby. You need to take full ownership of it. Not everyone will understand or even like your vision, and that is okay. Actually it is to be expected. The dreams and vision that have been deposited in you are unique and yours to manifest. My vision is different from yours and that is okay. It’s different, not better or worse, just different. Which is what makes this world so amazing.

Vision = A picture or glimpse of what your possible future can be.

Every single successful, influential, revolutionary person of our time had a unique vision. They could not allow themselves to be deterred from their goals by listening to everyone else. Not everyone is meant to develop the assembly line of production which revolutionizes the industry like Henry Ford. Not everyone is meant to successfully fly the first airplane like the Wright brothers or become the one of the best tennis players and athletes of our time, like Serena Williams.

I want to encourage you to stand firm in the vision that has been entrusted to you. Keep on pursuing, working hard, and fighting for what you’ve seen. Your vision will manifest at its appointed time if you don’t give up!

I pray that your strength, boldness, and confidence is renewed. And that God opens up relationships and opportunities that will help your vision manifest. 

Wonderfully Created1,

Patrice 🦄

Written by WonderfullyCreated

My name is Patrice, I'm a wife, mother of 2, runner, wellness enthusiast, hug dealer, & lover of Jesus!! I want to make a difference in the world through health and fitness. I've created this page to help make that difference I believe we have the ability to live a life full of abundance, wholeness, and health. God has given us these temples, now let take care of them because we are wonderfully created!!

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