Next month is my daughter’s 8th birthday and I have one very excited little girl on my hands! The morning of July 1st she began her birthday announcements. She let my husband, her little brother, and I know that she is excited about her upcoming birthday in a month. She has expressed her excitement A LOT over the last couple of days. Yesterday she took it a step further and began researching and pricing the gifts she wants. She spent hours on the computer, on the Walmart, Toys R’Us, and Target websites (all by herself) to find the perfect gifts. When she was done she complied a list and presented it to me. I was impressed! My daughters excitement for the future forced her to research, and write down her vision, present it to the powers that may be and now she sits and waits with childlike faith for her special day.

Vision. I define vision as the ability to see the unseen, the ability to see goals and dreams come to pass before it happens. In order for us to grow and become successful we must have vision.

For the last couple of months my church has been talking about vision, and the importance of God’s vision. As I have been reflecting on the messages I have began to get clearer on my own vision. I see how my vision effects my life in terms of what I see, my faith, and my actions. Having vision does three things for us; gives direction, discipline, and discernment.

DIRECTION:When our vision is clear our path becomes a clearer. Vision can direct us where to go. We may not know every single turn but we know the general direction. If it doesn’t line up with what we see then we don’t take that path.
DISCIPLINE:When our vision is clear our discipline is strengthen. We know what we should and should not do. Vision helps aligns our actions with our goals.
DISCERNMENT: When our vision is clear our discernment or intuition begins to speak louder. Vision provides an internal road map that our spirit can follow. When something doesn’t line up with that map our intuition can speak louder and guide us where we need to be.

What is your vision for your life, for the rest of this year, for this month, for today? It is important we have a vision and it is equally important we write the vision down. Write it down and present it to the Power that is and have that childlike faith it will come to pass.

Take the time today to get clear about your vision. Allow your vision to provide the direction, discipline, and discernment needed.

Follow me all this month as I talk about vision and some influential visionaries.

Wonderfully Created1,

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