Who are you? What positive attributes do you possess? What gifts/talents/specialties have you been blessed with? What are your strengths?

Take a short journey with me in the month of May as I explore 31 different positive descriptions of who we are based on the Bible. Each day together we will affirm what God says about us. Each day we will build ourselves up, encourage ourselves, and speak life to ourselves. I believe it is important for us to have confidence in our strengths. Without confidence how can we move into our destiny? And if we don’t move into our destiny the world misses out the great gift that only you possess.

Our society has a tendency to focus on our weaknesses. We are constantly trying to improve our faults, instead of focusing and mastering on our strengths. God tells us “in our weakness, He can demonstrate His power” (2Cor 12:9). It’s okay to know what your weak areas are, pray about them, then give them to God and move onto your strength. Take the time to know your strengths. What can you do well? Where do you excel? Where do you feel the most confident? Write those answers down.

This daily challenge is meant for us acknowledge and take hold of our basic positive attributes. I say basic because I believe since it is written in the Bible it applies to ALL of us. And we all need a great foundation. Use this challenge as base for developing a positive dialog with yourself. My goal at the end of the month is for us to be able to quickly identify our strengths and be confident in the God given power we have.

With each new day I will post the daily affirmation on this blog and my social media outlets. Read out loud the daily affirmation. Read the corresponding scripture. Repeat this throughout the day.

If a specific affirmation speaks to you that day (or everyday), repost/share it and use the hashtag #iamchallenge2017 . Post selfies, post pictures of you in your strength, display your confidence in who God designed you to be. I will be looking for those posts so I can encourage you and also share so that others can be encouraged.

You are wonderfully created in the image of God.



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