“…He made us accepted in the Beloved.”Eph 1:6
I believe that there is this need to belong, a need to be accepted in all of us. It was a need I ignored for awhile. I underestimated that need and it drove me to seek approval and acceptance in a person that was never meant to accept or even validate me. The past week my need came to its peak. I found it hard to focus on positive thoughts especially towards that person. My joyful demeanor didn’t come as natural and it was a struggle to be kind to that person. I finally sought God over this issue and He revealed to me that I was seeking that persons acceptance and validation. I broke down in tears under the weight of that truth. I look at the my entire relationship with that person and saw how I had been seeking almost pleading for acceptance. My God revealed to me the simple truth that I had forgotten; that I am accepted by Him. 

The God of all accepts me. 

The God of all accepts ME!

I felt the freedom of that truth and began to cry again. This time it was tears of relief. My negative thoughts and anger towards that person began to fade away (they are not completely gone, but a definite 90% improvement). 

I am already accepted. My need is already filled. If someone doesn’t accept me or approve of me it’s okay. That is their right to do so. It is not my job to change that. I will no longer fight battles that were never meant for me to fight. I am now on my journey to full freedom in the knowledge that I am accepted in Him! 

Wonderfully Created, 

Patrice 🦄

Written by WonderfullyCreated

My name is Patrice, I'm a wife, mother of 2, runner, wellness enthusiast, hug dealer, & lover of Jesus!! I want to make a difference in the world through health and fitness. I've created this page to help make that difference I believe we have the ability to live a life full of abundance, wholeness, and health. God has given us these temples, now let take care of them because we are wonderfully created!!


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